Mikko Innasen Maakuntalaulu-uudistus

Fri 27th July at 14:00 | Pyhäjoki Library | free entry
Sat 28th July at 11:00 | Iso-Kraaseli Island | free entry

Mikko Innanen is a saxophone player and a composer originally from Lapinjärvi, Finland. In the last ten or so years Mikko Innanen has established his position as one of the most innovative saxophonists and composers on the Nordic scene for jazz and improvised music. Innanen is known for his work both as a group leader, a co-leader, a featuring soloist and a composer.

With this ensemble Innanen is taking over the traditional provincial borders and governing structures, focussing their reformation on inner work, with innovative performances of regional folk songs based on renewed values taking priority in the project.


Friday concert:
Mikko Innanen – saxophone
Veli Kujala – accordion
Petri Keskitalo – tuba

Saturday concert:
Mikko Innanen –saxophone
Petri Keskitalo – tuba