Putro Mopolla

Thu 26th July at 22:30 | Ruiskuhuone 

Putro Mopolla is a project especially created for the Raahe Jazz on the Beach festival. The Raahe born artist Samui Putro has been working on some of the musical pieces in his catalogue together with the group Mopo. The debut live show will be showcased on stage at Ruiskuhuone on the opening night of the festival on 26th July.

Samuli Putro first found fame as the singer-songwriter of the group Zen Café. As a solo artist, Putro writes music about ordinary people for ordinary folk.

Saxophone player Linda Fredriksson, bassist Eero Tikkanen and drummer Eeti Nieminen’s trio Mopo derives the influences to their music from jazz, punk and the Finnish nature.

Samuli Putro – vocals, guitar
Linda Fredriksson –
Eero Tikkanen – bass

Eeti Nieminen – drums