Pe 27.7.2018 klo 22:30 | Ruiskuhuone

Laajan äänialan laulaja Claudia Solal ja kosketinsoittajavirtuoosi Benjamin Moussay vie kuulijan runollisiin ja  unenomaisiin  tunnelmiin.  Jazz, pop ja improvisaatio sulautuvat yhteen varmalla ja väliin rouheallakin otteella. Butter in My Brain  -ohjelmiston englanninkieliset laulujen sanat ovat Claudia Solalin käsialaa.

Claudia Solal – laulu
Benjamin Moussay – piano, koskettimet

Claudia Solal, we are looking forward to your concert in duo with Benjamin Moussay at Jazz on the Beach. During your first visit to Raahe in March this year, you had a walk on the frozen sea, for the first time. Has this experience inspired you poetical words for new songs to come?

”Nature has always inspired me, in its seeming stillness and in its overflows. My songs talk about trees and birds, fire and rivers: the ones I wrote when back from Raahe are deeply steeped in these strong and new sensations!”